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Music supplies UK tourism with 2.2 billion pounds every year

Music supplies UK tourism with 2.2 billion pounds every year

A new study has discovered that £2.2 billion of the overall revenue of UK tourism comes from music.

We should start shaking our fists at that disapproving teacher just about now.

Here's what UK Music chief executive Jo Dipple said of the figure: “The total direct and indirect spend of £2.2bn is incredibly impressive in a year that had its own problems.” Adding: “The fact there are six-and-a half-million tourists is very impressive and the fact that 6% of overseas tourists spend 20% of the money is a great target for us and VisitBritain to get more overseas tourists here because they spend the most money.”

According to Music Week, 6.5 million tourists came to the United Kingdom last year for a music-related trip, and each overseas traveller spent roughly £657 during their stay. This helped support 24,251 full-time jobs that currently exist in the music sector.

Want another reason to be optimistic about the industry? Follow here.

[Via Line of Best Fit]

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