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Musicians' Union demands more money for bands from Spotify

Musicians' Union enters Spotify debate and wants better royalty payments for bands

The Musicians’ Union have entered the Spotify debate today, placing demands for the streaming company to pay more royalties to their artists. 

At the moment, members of the 30,000+ strong Musicians’ Union gain just 0.4p per play on Spotify, generating just £4,000 for 1 million plays. As opposed to those who the sum of £59.73 for a 3-minute track played on Radio 2.

General Secretary of the Musicians’ Union, John Smith told The Guardian: “The argument that has kicked off this week is absolutely right and it really is hard, particularly for emerging artists, to make a decent amount of money. The streaming model should be able to work to the benefit of performers. We’d like to see a realignment of the intellectual property rights that govern all this in order to be fairer to artists.”

Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich sparked the debate by removing all their music from the service and citing its danger to new artists.

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