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Musicians tweet reactions to Royal Baby

Musicians tweet reaction to Royal Baby

Yesterday, Kate Middleton gave birth to her first child. The bets flew in for names, the people partied in the streets and the musicians sat at their computer's tweeting. Here's what some had to say:

Palma Violets
"We must sacrifice him to the lord of light"

Professor Green
"I hope the royal baby is a rebel, Harry's all alone out 'ere." 

Ellen Page (music related...)
"Woah people seem super excited for this new british band, the royal baby."

Ellie Goulding
"Congratulations to two of the loveliest people in the whole world on their baby boy. I am so happy for them."

Jack Osbourne (musician by proxy)...
"Wouldnt it be great if England had 30 days of games to celebrate the birth! dueling, jowsting, a flagon of mead...#GameOfThrones #RoyalBaby"

And then the best from David Spade, nothing to do with music
"stupid royal baby comes out early to ruin my bday? 6 mins old and this prick is already more famous than me? not cool #ididtheclubcircuit"

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