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N-Dubz Star has Turned back on Violence

The Sun newspaper recently published details of an early recording from N-Dubz man Dappy, and it’s shot through with a violent streak: "I love a punch up, so come put your ones up/ I will bite your head off/Kick you in the b*llocks and bite your nose off." It also attacks the Police. Now Dappy – and seriously, you couldn’t have got a name that isn’t slang for stupid? – has come out to state he’s matured , moved on from that era of his life and now abhors violence: "The lyrics in the rap were reflective of the London estate and the culture I grew up in…People in my area didn't like the police and lots of my mates felt that way. But I was young and dumb, and I've grown up a lot since then…"I'm an adult now and turned my back on those views a long time ago as they are wrong.” It’s a positive move for a rapper in an industry which, if not glamorizes crime, often refuses to condemn it.

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