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N-Dubz Threaten to Kill Listener

Combative hip-pop act N-Dubz have got into a spot of bother after their lead rapper threatened to kill a radio listener. The act were live on the BBC’s Chris Moyles show Wednesday morning, when listeners were invited to text in. One, Chloe Moody, slated the group, calling them losers and frontman Dappy a “vile little boy with a hat” and, if you bear in mind his comments about Police and the stupid headwear he insists on wearing, she’s got a point. The message wasn’t read out on the air. However, Dappy saw the message, got hold of the phone number, and then tried to ring back, before texting:

"Your gonna die, U sent a very bad msg towards N Dubz on The Chris Moyels show yesterday Morning and for that reason u will never be left alone!! If u say sorry I will leave u alone u ****".

Possibly a slight over reaction then. Dappy has since apologised, saying it was in the heat of the moment, but he could face prosecution for threatening behaviour. We assume he’ll be taken off the government campaign against ‘cyber-bullying’ he was fronting...

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