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NASA uses Anthrax and more to wake rover

We have some suggestions.

NASA has managed to land the Mars Curiosity Rover on the red planet’s surface, and even now it’s playing with aliens / looking at a lot of rocks, delete according to how mental you are. NASA recently held an Ask Me Anything session, and as well as discovering that the rover really is curious and will be creeping to the rear of the planet for some private experimentation, we discovered that NASA play it music to wake it up each morning.

In fact, employee Eric Blood (who should really be a Viking) said the robot was "less cranky with a good wakeup song.” And unlike the previous bullshit in this story, he really did say that. Can someone tell him it’s not alive? Anyway, these wake up songs include Got the Time by Anthrax, Good Morning Good Morning by the Beatles, and Ride of the Valkyries by Wagner. They also play Mission Impossible, but it might not be a good idea to wake it with music that involves a piece of equipment being destroyed five seconds later.

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