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Netflix arguing over debt levels

Netflix arguing over debt levels
Netflix looks like an all conquering juggernaut who found the change in media consumption at the perfect time, because they are. But they’ve been embroiled in an argument over their debts. The LA Times has stated the company are $20.54 billion in debt, and yes we did write billion. That’s a staggering sum, but it’s worth remembering that Netflix are valued at $75 billion. 
Netflix have shot back. They point out that a cool $15.7 billion is “future content expenses that roll through the income statement over time” which is another way of saying it’s costs for buying TV shows that will be spread over time, not actual debt in the way we think of debt. That still leaves a few billion, but basically you have to buy TV if you want to make Netflix Originals (which mostly aren’t made by Netflix yet, although they want to.)
In short, no one panic yet.

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