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Netflix to reduce smoking on shows to stop it looking cool

Netflix to reduce smoking on shows to stop it looking cool
Netflix is to heavily reduce characters smoking heaters because it’s feared impressionable youth will think it’s cool. Anti-smoking group Truth Initiative commented “We’re seeing a pervasive reemergence of smoking imagery across screens that is glamorising and re-normalising a deadly addiction and putting young people squarely in the crosshairs of the tobacco industry,” and they released a study showing how often people on Netflix shows like Stranger Things sparked up.
Netflix has replied with some new guidelines: all smoking in PG-13 products or below will be banned except  for “reasons of historical or factual accuracy”, while higher rated shows will stop tabs “unless it’s essential to the creative vision of the artist or because it’s character-defining (historically or culturally important).”
“Netflix strongly supports artistic expressionthey said. “We also recognise that smoking is harmful and when portrayed positively on screen can adversely influence young people.”

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