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Neutral Milk Hotel Footage

Merge have reissued Neutral Milk Hotel’s two albums on high quality vinyl, and if you have any interest in people who can’t really sing performing emotive songs about Anne Frank, you really need ‘In the Aeroplane over the Sea’. As part of their promotion Merge has posted two live clips on their blog, via YouTube, of NMH frontman Jeff Mangum performing solo in 1998; he later withdrew from the music scene, possibly after suffering a breakdown. The quality of the video, and the clear shots of Mangum, are better than those on the live album which was released sometime later. Alright, it’s still just video of a man – often just his head - standing there singing, but for those of us who never got to see him live, it’s precious. See it at: http://www.mergerecords.com/blog/

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