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Neverworld announce acts including Black Honey and Sleeper

Neverworld announce acts including Black Honey and Sleeper
Neverworld is taking place in Hever, Kent from August 1st to 4th 2019, and no it’s not some dystopian commentary, the Never part refers to Peter Pan and escaping the world. They’ve announced their first batch of names and we’re very pleased to see Black Honey playing, as are the reborn (and no less good) Sleeper.
There’s also some indie stayers like Futureheads and the Vaccines, along with Lucy Spraggan, Himalayas and many more still to be announced. The festival divides itself into three strongly themed areas, and it’s as much an escape into a fantasy world as it is people playing at one end of a field. The regions this year include Skull Ridge and Mermaid’s Lagoon, and while costume isn’t mandatory it is encouraged. A full break down of each area, and tickets, is here: https://neverworld.co.uk/
Here’s some prime Black Honey for you, we strongly recommend the LP:

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