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New Digital Format: MusicDNA

Digital music put a rather hungry cat among the music industry’s corpulent pigeons, and now the war between the future and the past has a new weapon: MusicDNA. Alright, so the name ‘music dna’ is almost as bad as the future/past analogy, but at least it sounds slightly better than mp3 did those few years ago. Basically, instead of just getting a file with the music, the MusicDNA format includes videos, pictures, twitter links, merchandise links and more, and it’s a challenge to the CD as well as the mp3.

Potentially stopping this being just some techie’s fantasy are the notable indie labels that have signed up, including Beggars / Rough Trade, 4AD, Matador and XL. Of course, this wouldn’t be the web without something to get the paranoid upset: "We can deliver a file that is extremely searchable and can carry up to 32GB of extra information in the file itself… And it will be dynamically updatable so that every time the user is connected, his file will be updated."

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