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New Luke Haines Album

One of the great lost albums of the 1990s was Baader Meinhof’s self titled release, a concept album all about a European terrorist group. We’re not going to pretend we don’t know why it wasn’t more popular, because the words ‘concept album’ and ‘terrorist group’ don’t bode well in people’s minds, but we do recommend its sparse sound and offbeat lyrics. The brains behind it, and also behind The Auteurs – cutting lyrics, black sense of humour – as well as Black Box Recorder – cutting lyrics, black sense of humour, one crossover hit – was Luke Haines, and he’s got a new solo album coming out this year. It’s called 21st Century Man, but don’t bother with a download, get the digi-pack with an extra nine (!) tracks. Assuming you have a dark sense of humour obviously.

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