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New Music: George the Poet

Sick of meaningless hip hop? George the Poet is here to correct that with the best lyricism we've heard in time

The last few years have seen an increasing number of English MCs slowing down the tempo and tackling straight hip hop. Unfortunately this hasn't seen a corrosponding upsurge in great lyricists, and to be frank, a whole heap of UK MCs are banging out a career pretty much talking total bollocks. Alright, alright, before you defenders of UK hip hop get all up in arms, I know there are a few people--  LowKey and Logic both tackle unpalatable political truths in rhyme, and Krept & Konan are pretty heavy with a one liner-- but you people can't tell me that there isn't room for more young rappers to demonstate an understanding that hip hop can be the highest of lyrical art forms, not just an excuse to lisp badly about shoes/girls/non existent guns/all the weed they blaze every minute of every day.

So let's hear it for George the Poet, who's recent video for his track The Olders shows he has a mad rare gift on the mic. He tackles the destructive influence of olders on younger lost estate kids with sharp flow and deep lyrics, and it's pretty much the antithesis of ghetto glorification, hitting hard with lines like 'the money's meanlingless the second its gone'.

Watch it below-- as long as George can balance his fledgling rap career with the Politics, Psychology and Sociology course he sits at Cambridge University (no lie!) we're pretty sure you're gonna hear more from him as the year goes on...


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