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New Music: Sexbots

New Music: Sexbots

Sexbots are true DIY, putting out waves of material with no financial backing but making it work and getting an audience. Sexbots are art pop in the highest sense, pulling together concepts and wordy explanations with the flair of a deranged showman.

Sexbots are also in a bad place, naming their new album ‘Junk Sick’ after the act of being physical ill in heroin withdrawal because the partner who’d inspired the songs dumped them shortly after recording.

But most importantly, Sexbots are good, providing a truly off kilter set of soundscapes sourced from over the world with the lyrics and vocals of Ilima Considine over the top. It’s the sound of Nintendos, tape and haunted nursery rhymes. They’re not going to chart, but they are something you can curl up with.


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