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New Music: The Wicked Whispers

It's the sixties.

The fact that one time Zutons producer Liam Watson has worked with The Wicked Whispers is a clue, as is the haircut you see early on in the video for the band’s debut single: this is an act in thrall to the sixties. But just as the US is heavily looking back to fifties sounds, this nostalgia isn’t a bad thing if done well.

The good news about ‘Dandelion Eyes’ is they never sound like veering into pastiche, the bad news is we don’t have access to whatever time machine just spat them out. Some people are going to absolutely hate the lack of ambition in this, but they fit into the repackaging culture of today. Sadly, we do have to mention that the guy in the rabbit head isn’t just a random guy in a rabbit head but a “social media artist.” Oh dear.


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