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New Music: Thoma

New Music: Thoma
The Onion once ran a headline something like ‘what the rise of hook up culture means for everyone but you’, and with all due respect to Thoma, as we listened to his new single about the difficulties of a physical relationship turning into an emotional one we remembered it. Still, it’s a beautiful, tender song which works equally well if you’re friends discovering you’re falling for each other, or any other situation where people find a love emerging.
In a Britain that's ever dividing, it's nice to listen to some deep connections.
That feeling isn’t just conveyed through the soul-pop of the music, but the cover art, which features one person handing a rose to another… it’s just that there’s nowhere to take it without getting pricked. Clever, subtle and a wonderful addition to the music. The video is brilliantly done too, with some very close dancing (and plenty of kiss offs).
The single’s called More, and it’s from a sophomore LP called Embers. Thoma’s had critical acclaim for the Wild Love single and his various sessions, but he also does a mean cover of Purple Rain and you know that wins Supajam over every time. 

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