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New Pornographers Gulf Coast awareness video

I think they've got away with it.

Take a stroll into the more conspiracy minded parts of the internet, and you find people talking about the BP oil spill and saying things like ‘if it was so bad, where has all the oil gone?’ To which the only response is ‘what the fuck are you talking about?’ The band New Pornographers have teamed up with Oxfam to produce a music video which highlights that the oil is most definitely still a problem - harming wildlife and job prospects – and that the region shouldn’t be ignored now the spill is capped. The ‘BP trying to pay small amounts of compensation’ is still to come.

The video’s got an introduction from the band, and somewhat bizarrely features an upbeat song and locals clapping, but that helps stop the whole thing being overly worthy or patronising, instead stressing hope and resilience.


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