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New Tegan and Sara video visits the 90s

New Tegan and Sara video visits the 90s
As Stranger Things bends the media on an eighties nostalgia trip, Tegan and Sara have jumped off the train a few years later with their new music video. It’s called I’ll Be Back Someday, and features many a nineties reference. Those colours, those clothes, those phones.
The song is actually about the anxiety brought on in the instant communication age, as they explained: “We really wanted to capture the disruption and manic multitasking we all do now because of our cell phones. The phone on the wall is a physical representation of the constant pull to this device we all have… The anxiety of waiting for a message, waiting for a call, checking to see if people have posted, checking to see what our friends are doing, checking to see how many likes we have. We feel disconnected and it comes from feeling like something’s coming, but we can’t answer what it is. Because it’s nothing.”
Yeah, we don’t agree with that after our own 90s / 10s experience, sorry ladies. Good song though.

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