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New Van Halen music on the way?

New Van Halen music on the way?

David Lee Roth, singer of Van Halen, has been talking about the possibility of new music from the band.

He revealed to Comedian Jim Florentine in the interview that it is looking likely, with the wheels in motion at the moment and 2015 looking likely.

Roth said he was up at Edward Van Halen’s house earlier that week and the band had started to put new music together. “It’s gonna be about 18 months,” Roth said, explaining that in Van Halen World the band keeps a tight control on everything they do, refusing to outsource things like graphic design and merchandise design. “If you buy a t-shirt, that was designed, literally, in my living room,” Dave said, before further elaborating on the ’87 phone calls’ that are required before anything gets to the level the band is happy with.

Dave then circled back to the question of new music: “Oh, yeah, we're writing... I write lyrics routinely. It's a perishable skill. And the band plays together routinely, at least three times a week. They’re up at Ed’s place, routinely.”

Listen to the full interview here.

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