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New Zealand rules teens can only watch 13 Reasons Why with an adult

New Zealand rules teens can only watch 13 Reasons Why with an adult
Age classifications for TV programmes?  Banning teenagers from watching a programme about teenagers unless there’s an adult present? If this sounds a bit weird, keep reading cos the reason why becomes apparent at the end.
13 Reason’s Why is a controversial hit thanks to a frank take on suicide, and New Zealand has dropped the law hammer on it, ruling that if you’re under eighteen you can only watch it with an adult present. The country’s Office of Film & Literature Classification stated “The most immediate concern for the Classification Office is how teen suicide is discussed and shown in 13 Reasons Why… Hannah’s suicide is presented fatalistically. Her death is represented at times as not only a logical, but an unavoidable outcome of the events that follow. Suicide should not be presented to anyone as being the result of clear headed thinking. Suicide is preventable, and most people who experience suicidal thoughts are not thinking rationally and therefore cannot make logical decisions.”
Okay, and this is why New Zealand has gone into censor mode: the nation has the highest teen suicide rate in the developed world and is clearly panicking. But is this understandable or kneejerk?

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