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New philosophy inspired video from Zola Jesus

Zola Jesus releases a new video inspired by the work of an early 20th Century Russian philosopher. As you do.

In terms of fancy-dan video concepts Zola Jesus is probably taking all the honours with her latest for the song Seekir. The video is, predictably enough "inspired by the Gurdjieff Movements, a set of sacred dances developed by Russian philosopher G.I. Gurdjieff at the turn of the century." Ahhhh. The old Gurdjieff chestnut.

In practice this means the video is full of dancers making vaguely profound moves whilst dressed in white robes as Zola belts out a bit of pop/goth/electronica. It's like the living breathing negative of doing the Stirry Pot.


Zola Jesus plays the following festivals this Summer:
07/12/2012 Benicassim - Benicassim Festival

07/13/2012 Lisbon - Optimus Live Festival 

07/14/2012 Suffolk - Latitude Festival 

07/15/2012 Berlin - Melt! Festival

07/17/2012 Amsterdam - Daffaire Festival

07/21/2012 St Petersburg - Glav Club Leto

07/22/2012 Moscow - Muzeon Sumer Park

07/28/2012 New York - Catalpa Festival

08/05/2012 Montreal - Osheaga Festival 
San Francisco - San Francisco's Outside Lands 

10/13/2012 Austin - Austin City Limits

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