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Nick Cave: Statue Plans or Joke at Time?

Nick Cave, the fierce but talented Australian songwriter, author, scriptwriter and probably anything else he wants, recently spoke to Time magazine about a statue. It’s a great story, but we really can’t help thinking he was just taking the piss. Even so, Nick Cave having a laugh is still newsworthy, so: he plans to build a statue of himself in his small Australian hometown of Warracknabeal. It was going to be in gold (so must be joking), but he’s postponed the creation because “the fortunes of Warracknabeal are so grim at the moment, with the recession and this chronic drought that's going on, that it feels a little in bad taste to erect a giant gold statue. But one day..."But the best bit is when he describes the foot high model he’s had made: "I'm naked on a rearing horse. I have a modest loincloth on. It's this rather wonderful homoerotic work of art." If only this was real.

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