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Nick Cave calls his current tour pure happiness

Nick Cave calls his current tour pure happiness
Now, not to stereotype, but ‘happiness’ isn’t the first emotion we’d expect to hear about from a Nick Cave gig. Brilliant music, a dark night of the soul, yes, but we wouldn’t be looking at it from Cave’s point of view.
After lockdown, travel restrictions and all the Covid mess, Cave is back on stage and he replied to a fan about how he was feeling: “The truth is, it is very hard,” Cave said. “Playing these concerts is pure happiness, more than I have experienced in a very long time. I cannot tell you what it means to Warren and me to walk out on stage and perform the songs — but there is a level of intensity to the shows that is exhausting.”
However, “As the tour progresses, the energy needed to treat The Red Hand Files with the care and responsibility that your questions deserve is draining out of me like water from a little leaky pot… Rather than give replies to your questions that aren’t properly thought through, I have decided to take a break for the next two weeks and then begin again once the tour has finished. I hope you all understand.”

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