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Nile Rodgers looking to break incredible world record during Chic Bestival headline slot

Nile Rodgers looking to break incredible world record during Chic Bestival headline slot

Nile Rodgers, the Patriarch of all things groovy, has today revealed that he intends to bring the world's biggest disco ball to his headline slot at Bestival 2014.

He revealed at today's Ivor Novello awards that it will be the "world's largest disco part of all time".

"What we're doing now is because we're headlining, we get to play longer, " he said. "So we're going to do an extended set and I actually just made a challenge to the head of Bestival - I said that I would like to create the world's largest disco party of all time. So he says 'how do we do that?'

Rodgers contined: "So then I was like 'I want you to create the world's largest disco ball. He says 'do you know how big that is?' I say 'I don't know - I'm just making it up'. He said it would have to be 10 metres in diametre, so I said 'great - the challenge is on."

He added: "It's going to be an incredible party, then the setlist, I don't know what we're going to be adding but it's going to be great."

Rodgers went on to discuss his favourite songwriters at the Ivor Novellos.

"Oh my God - it would be like this extremely long list," he replied. "Janelle Monae who I think is amazing, Disclosure who I just worked with - with Sam Smith. We had a blast. Avicii is incredible, some of the people that I've always loved and still love - Prince who I think is a genius. I had to do lists because I always leave people out."

Bestival runs at Robin Hill County Park on the Isle Of Wight from 4 - 7 September, 2014, look at the line-up here.

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