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Noel Explains Why He Left Oasis

There’s been no ‘morning after the night before’ calming down in the case of Noel Gallagher quitting his band Oasis, and he’s posted a statement which goes into the details of why he left: "I feel you have the right to know that the level of verbal and violent intimidation towards me, my family, friends and comrades has become intolerable. And the lack of support and understanding from my management and bandmates has left me with no other option than to get me cape and seek pastures new.” He goes on to apologize to fans who had tickets but now won’t see him, and thanks fans for the last 18 years. We can only add that Noel surely won’t have any problems in a solo career, or even work with another band, but the same can’t be said of Liam… or will he prove us all wrong?

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