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Noel Fielding told to avoid black so he doesn’t scare Bake Off Viewers

Noel Fielding told to avoid black so he doesn’t scare Bake Off Viewers
First things first: this report comes from The Sun, who are claiming a source told them, so it’s probably made up. But that aside, the question of how bizarre modern goth Noel Fielding is going to get on co-presenting the Bake Off is a fun one.  Unless you just spent millions buying the show. 
The answer would seem to be: change things about Noel. Here’s the quote:
“Noel first became popular because he didn’t look like everyone else on TV. He was dark and grungy and enjoyed being weird. But now he is about to be front and centre on the nation’s favourite programme, so he is having to make some big changes to his persona. Channel 4 are clearly fans of Noel and want him to make an impact on Bake Off, but they need to rein him in and make him more clean-cut. They’ve had to reach a ¬compromise on his wacky style — toning down the black. It may not seem like much, but it means a major wardrobe reshuffle for Noel. Don’t expect him to turn up in a ¬boring shirt and jeans, though. He’s vowed to don some more -extravagant, colourful ¬outfits later in the series once viewers have got used to him.”
Does that sound like a real quote?

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