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Noel Gallagher got to duet with Paul McCartney

Noel Gallagher got to duet with Paul McCartney
Noel Gallagher has been talking to Matt Morgan’s Funny How? Podcast (all quotes from The Sun), and he revealed he’d had the chance of a lifetime for a Beatles fan: he got to duet with Paul McCartney on Birthday and I Saw Her Standing There.
The occasion was the 50th birthday party of Paul’s fashion designer daughter Stella, and Noel was doing a set: “It wasn’t like I was there and they pulled me out of the crowd like a surprise. I was asked a couple of weeks up front.”
So he performed, and this happened: “I performed, I did some of my stuff, and then someone said, ‘We’ll get you up on stage with my dad.’ And I said, ‘Fucking yes!’ It was quite the night and, as you can imagine, for a chap like me it was quite the moment.” We know Noel is a massive Beatles fan, so it must have been huge!
However, Ringo was there and not on drums: “I performed with the bass player while the drummer watched,” Noel added. “The only one thing that could have made it better would be that the other remaining Beatle was playing drums, but he wasn’t… It wasn’t my party. I was only a guest so I can’t say, ‘I’ll only do it if Ringo does it. I’m either playing with both of you, or I’m playing with none of you.’ It was a good night, though.”

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