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Non famous Smiths’ members team up for classical gigs

Non famous Smiths’ members team up for classical gigs
We’re not going to bullshit you with a ‘Smiths Reform’ headline, as Marr and Morrissey aren’t involved, but three members of The Smiths are reuniting to work with the Manchester Camerata Orchestra. 
Mike Joyce, Andy Rourke and Craig Gannon will be performing Smiths classic with the full orchestral backing, in the manner of the MCO’s recent Hacienda Classical gigs.
Here’s some promo chat: “I’m massively excited to be playing with Andy and Craig again, but introducing a full orchestra into the mix takes this to another level,” Mike told the Manchester Evening News, “There’ll be Smiths classics in the set, but I can’t wait to play the songs that have never been heard live before… With the addition of an orchestra, it will sound as totally unique as it will immense. I’m really looking forward to fans being able to hear the songs in a way they’ve never been heard before, either on record or live. On the stage, or out front, this is going to be quite an experience for us all.”

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