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Now Azealia Banks turns on the Stone Roses

What now.

Azealia Banks’ campaign to transform herself from internet star into gobby rent a mouth took another step with Banks’ using Twitter to lay into… The Stone Roses. Yes, amazingly the Roses have managed to piss her off. Both were playing at the Future Music Festival when, well, we’ll let Azealia describe it because it whiffs of conspiracy theory:

"Big apologies on behalf of the stone roses to my fans at the festival today…My ex tour manager made a pact with the stone roses saying they'd sabotage my set because I fired him and they decided to check their equipment behind me during my set."

But this is a Banks story, so you’re all expecting the childlike verbal violence, and here it is: “Fuck those old saggy white niggas stone roses. I wish them nothing but excrement and death.”

And the classically crazy “Wow a bunch of old white men trying to bully a young black girl… What the fuck else is new in this world.”

We’ve seen your twitter career Azealia, we know who the bully is here.

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