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Now this is how to start a solo career (Video)

Killing off the band.

Okay, indulge us for a second. Do you remember Tatu? The Russian schoolgirls who pretended to be lesbians and rode a wave of parental upset across the world? Well, they released a further two albums before splitting up, and one of them – Lena Katina, but let’s be realistic she’s known as ‘the red haired one’ – is going solo.

So how do you start a solo career? Why, have your first music video feature the deaths of Tatu, corpses, funeral and graves all. Can you imagine if Beady Eye had buried a Noel Gallagher lookalike? No, but now we’ve thought of it… We should warn you though, there are tits in this video, so don’t watch it at work.


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