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Occupy Musicians create website

Musicians create website website to show support for Occupy movement


The Occupy movement is an anti-capitalist and anti-consumerist global group that are the cause of ongoing protests Occupy Wall Street and Occupy London. And now it seems that musicians in support of the movement have released a website stating they're dedication to the movement.

The website features musicians, sound engineers, sound artists, producers, DJs, instrumentalists, composers, lyricists who are all being invited to join and sign up to the site to show their support of the movement and already features names such as Lou Reed, Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine – who performed at a number of the Occupy camps – Amanda Palmer, Guy Picciotto and Ian MacKaye of Fugazi, Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedys and many more.

The website issued a press release ahead of going live that read “addition to the public statement of support, OccupyMusicians will serve as a resource to facilitate performances at Occupy spaces and events. Provide links to media wishing to interview Occupy-supporting musicians. Host testimony and other writings of musicians for why they support the 99 percent. Host embedded media to Occupy-related songs and music videos and network musicians to Occupy locations and Occupy fund raisers.”

You can find the site here: www.occupymusicians.com

o what do you think? Are the musicians making a difference to the movement with the website? And what are your views on the movement as  whole? 

Post any comments and feedback below.... 

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