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Ofcom tell Russell Brand off for Elvis sex discussion

Ofcom tell Russell Brand off for Elvis sex discussion
Russell Brand didn’t have his own live radio show for a good few years after he and Jonathan Ross got in trouble for their jokes, but he returned on Radio X earlier this year. About a month later he broadcast a recorded show which has just been given a bollocking by Ofcom for its sexual references.
So what were they. On interviewing an Elvis tribute act, Brand asked “Have you ever had sex as Elvis?” The guest ran with it: “I’ve done it without the jumpsuit, but I have kept the cape on… The only difficulty with [the jumpsuit] is they’re studded, you see, and they get very spiky and so they can cut you in places that you wouldn’t imagine… And if you’re on top of somebody…”
Offcom ruled this was more than the time slot warranted and he broke broadcasting rules. Again. 

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