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Official Game of Thrones fan convention announced for Vegas

Official Game of Thrones fan convention announced for Vegas
Have you ever wanted to be in a convention hall with thousands of Game of Thrones fans all moaning about the end of the series? Well, your ‘luck is in’…
Okay, we’re being mean, but Warner Bros. are promoting the Game of Thrones prequel show ‘House of the Dragon’ by organising an official convention for the series and it’s world. 
The Rio Hotel & Suites Convention Center in Las Vegas is hosting, in February 2022. Prices and schedules have yet to be announced but the words “action packed” have been used, and there’ll be the usual panels and cosplay. 
“Game of Thrones is a cultural phenomenon with an incredible fanbase, and we are thrilled to be celebrating both with the first official Game of Thrones fan convention,” Peter van Roden of Warner Bros. told Collider.
“This is an exciting initiative, growing one of our beloved global franchises and allowing fans to become even more immersed in the world of Westeros and beyond. This will be a truly unforgettable experience that loyal and new fans alike will love and enjoy.”
No news on whether George will ever finish the books.

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