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Official survey: music helped us all in lockdown

Official survey: music helped us all in lockdown
I think if you asked any Supajam reader if music helped their mood during the lockdowns they’d have said yes, so what we’re about to say won’t surprise any of you… but it’s good to see our general feeling locked down in statistics. 
So: the BPI (British Phonographic Industry), has published a survey asking people about their music listening in lockdown. 28% said they played more music than in the pre-Covid era, and 50% said they’d played music to cheer them deliberately, but it’s the following stats which are stark: 94% said music raised their spirits, and 91% said it gave them a sense of escape from the world. 55% said it eased anxiety.
Also, 50% of 16 to 24 year olds said they used music to increase their concentration while studying or working, so maybe something to try if you don’t already.
Here’s the head of the BPI on it all: “Music has many intrinsic additional benefits, not least in raising spirits and promoting wellbeing, but this new research underscores just how much of a lifeline it’s been for people since lockdown – inspiring and reassuring us and also helping many of us to work, study and exercise to greater effect… The transformational power of music to improve lives has rarely been more pronounced.”

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