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Olympics: 'we’ll use backing tracks'

The home of live...oh, wait.

The Olympic opening and closing ceremonies will see the eyes of the world zeroed in on Britain, and it’s a chance to show off the rich culture we know and love. Of course, that means we’ll get loads of kids dancing, cliché red bus imagery and some pretentious nonsense, but we should get to see the cream of British music perform. Let’s hope it’s more Adele than Olly Murs.

Anyway, there’s controversy over the shows, as LOCOG (London 2012 Organising Committee) reps have admitted that, while the singers themselves will be going at it live, the bands will be miming: backing tracks will be used. Officially this is because the stadium isn’t good for sound. Now, we’re not going to pile on here, because let’s face it, the last Olympics had the vocalist replaced with a miming child who looked prettier, so it’s not like we can screw it up that bad. Can we?

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