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One Little Indian announces change to non-offensive name

One Little Indian announces change to non-offensive name
Record label One Little Indian have been around since 1985 and have signed a string of great bands, but have now taken steps to convert their name into something less offensive. Henceforth they will be One Little Independent Records.
Founder Derek Birkett explained: The last few weeks have been a monumental learning curve. Following the receipt of an eye-opening letter from a Crass fan that detailed precisely why the logo and label name are offensive, as well as the violent history of the terminology, I felt equally appalled and grateful to them for making me understand what must be changed… I was naive enough at the time of founding my label to think that the name and logo was reflective of my respect and appreciation of the culture.”
He continued: “I’m aware that my white privilege has sheltered me and fostered my ignorance on these issues. I realise now that the label name and logo instead perpetuated a harmful stereotyping and exploitation of Indigenous Peoples’ culture. This is the exact opposite of what was intended. However, I know that it is not the intentions but the impact that is important.”
They’re gonna have to get a different url for their website pretty quickly.

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