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One of America's largest cities decriminalises marijuana

One of America's largest cities decriminalises marijuana

Starting October 20th, possession of small amounts of marijuana will be a only civil offense in the city of Philadelphia.

This isn't a mark of the drug being legalised but rather making it a far less serious offense: people well instead by fined as opposed to criminalised. Those 'possessing 30 grams or less of marijuana will be cited and fined $25. Those smoking in public will be cited and fined $100, or made to perform nine hours of community service'.

Police will confiscate any weed they find and people are required to have their ID on them if they're caught.

30 grams is little over an ounce; most weed smokers buy an eighth of an ounce or less at once.

City of Philadelphia         @PhiladelphiaGov

This comes at a time when many other jurisdictions are re-examining their approach to marijuana law enforcement


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