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Open’er announce Interpol and Kylie among others

Open’er announce Interpol and Kylie among others
Open’er Festival sounds a lot of fun. It’s based at a Polish Airport, and we did type that right, it really is. Gdynia-Kosakowo Airport to be precise, but they’ve organised their three stages and set lists so major clashes can be avoided.
And what clashes might those be? Well in the last twenty four hours they’ve announced kings of morose rock Interpol and queen of bright pop Kylie so you can run the emotional gauntled. There’s also a string of bangers below them on the running order including Missio, La Dispute, Anna Calva, Lana Del Rey, The Strokes, Smashing Pumpkins…
Yes, a lot of good stuff. 
It’s the 3rd to the 6th of July, so you’ll need to get planning, but tickets are still available.

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