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Ozzy hid relapse from rest of Sabbath

Ozzy hid relapse from rest of Sabbath

Earlier this year Ozzy Osbourne took to Facebook to admit he’d fallen off the wagon and been taking drink and drugs again, but at that point had got clean once more. Now the rest of Black Sabbath have been talking to Classic Rock Magazine, and they had an interesting comment: they simply hadn’t realised what was happening.

Here’s Tony Iommi, cited in NME: "You know what, I couldn't believe it. He was working at my house and I didn't pick up on it at all. None of us did. He really hid that well. It was a shock, actually, when Sharon told me. I just couldn't believe he'd been drinking again. I didn't see any signs of it."

Geezer Butler commented "He was really good at keeping it secret. I thought he was talking a lot - he used to drive us nuts because he wouldn't stop talking - but we put that down to the excitement of doing the album."

It seemed to the pair Ozzy was working “better than ever” and the drugs weren’t damaging their production.

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