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Ozzy: tour dates and retirement wisdom

Ozzy: tour dates and retirement wisdom
Ozzy Osbourne is doing a final tour. This doesn’t mean he won’t play one off gigs and shows, just that the current run is the last full scale tour, so the dates we’re listing below are his final UK tour dates (if you see what we mean.)
1 Feb 19 Nottingham        
3 Feb 19  – Manchester           
5 Feb 19 – Newcastle              
7 Feb 19 – Glasgow               
9 Feb 19 – Birmingham        
11 Feb 19 – London      
Ozzy also spoke about retiring, or rather not retiring, and we found ourselves oddly agreeing with him and the context:
“People around my age go, ‘I’m 65 now. I’m retired.’ Then they fucking die,” he continued “My father got a bit of cash from the job he had, did the garden and died. And I’m going, ‘That’s a bit of an anticlimax after working so many years in a factory.’ I ain’t retiring. People still want to see me, so what’s there to retire from?”
Yeah we know that feeling.

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