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Paolo Nutini surprises Glastonbury Festival 2014

Paolo Nutini surprises Glastonbury Festival 2014
A lot of things surprised me about Paolo Nutini's set at Glastonbury. Here are some off the top if my head:
1. That he was there.
2. How young and vibrant his crowd are.
3. He was actually good.
It was refreshing to see an artist of Paolo's ilk push out the boat and challenge themselves. I am referring to the rearrangements of his hits into big band, feel-obsessed jaunts. Yes, it was a little Rod Stewart smiling at the front of an orchestra looking smug, but sometimes an artist has to sacrifice face to excel. There was a moment where his band flew into a groove that Billy Cobham would be proud of. 
 Stop playing 'Candy', stick to something savoury.

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