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Paolo Nutini will play his local record shop to support it

Paolo Nutini will play his local record shop to support it
Paolo Nutini has done some awful songs, but he’s done some amazing ones too, and now he’s putting on his own version of record store day because he and a small band will play a small gig in Feel the Groove record store, in Paisley, to help the shop.
“We want to encourage that thing of making the trip to your local record store,” Nutini said. “It’s easy to go on iTunes or Spotify and get a song. It’s not like I have a record out that I’m trying to sell. The idea is you buy any music in the shop. You spend a fiver, you get a token. A tenner, you get two. £20 and you get four. Each token is a chance to win.”
“I like the idea of rocking up with a kit and a couple of amps and doing it as a four piece but keeping it electric. We’ll get in, have the chance to say hi and maybe conjure up a couple of surprises too”
Good work Paolo, now here’s his finest hour.

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