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Paramore: there’s no shame in being unhappy

Paramore: there’s no shame in being unhappy
Paramore have been tweeting about the meaning behind their tune Rose Coloured Boy, and it’s a plea to connect with people’s mental health issues and don’t judge:
“‘Rose-Colored Boy’ is a song about feeling pressured to look at the world with blind optimism when you actually feel very hopeless about the world and your part in it… There is so much social pressure to be (or appear to be) “happy” that we can actually feel shame when we aren’t.”
“Adding shame to sadness is a pretty toxic cocktail. It’s hard enough to deal with sadness, depression, or any type of anxiety without the added societal expectations. It’s important AND more healing to meet people where they’re at – EMPATHY – than to try and paint everything rosy.”
“We hope that somewhere out there, staring into a screen, someone was made to feel less alone by the ideas in ‘Rose-Colored Boy’.”

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