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Paris Jackson posts birthday tribute to Michael

Paris Jackson posts birthday tribute to Michael
It would have been Michael Jackson’s 59th birthday today, and no doubt the star would have been just as divisive now if he’d lived as he was when alive. To be honest be still divides opinion sharply, but we’re not here to get into that, we’re here to share the tribute of his 19 year old daughter Paris. For all the accusations levelled at Michael, Paris seems unaffected and still hero worships the singer.
“birthday wishes to the love of my life, the one person who showed me what passion truly was, the one that gave me solid morals to live by and how to dream. i will never feel love again the way i did with you. you are always with me and i am always with you. though i am not you, and you are not me, i know with all of my being that we are one. and our souls will never change in that way. thank you for the magic, forever and always.”
Whatever you think of Michael, we can all hope someone thinks that of us one day.

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