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Paul McCartney 'I was racist as a kid without knowing'

Paul McCartney 'I was racist as a kid without knowing'

Paul McCartney has opened up about being "unintentionally racist" as a kid.

Growing up in Liverpool in the 50s and 60s, the Beatles man would use "certain words" that he later learned were offensive.

"When I was a kid, you were racist without knowing it," he told the Mail On Sunday. "It was just the normal thing to use certain words you wouldn't use now."

McCartney continued: "Along the way we suddenly realised how it would make the people you were talking about feel. I don't think until then we'd ever even thought about other people. It was like a joke between ourselves. But then someone points out, 'Well, that’s denigrating…' you know, in my case, black people.

"And then the penny drops, and I think that's what happened for a lot of people. Certainly a lot of people in my generation used to use words you wouldn't use now."

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