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People are threatening to kill Flo and Joan off the Nationwide Ads

People are threatening to kill Flo and Joan off the Nationwide Ads
We know the internet is full of arseholes, but we can’t see how Flo and Joan, the comedy duo known as the singing sisters on the Nationwide adverts, would upset them. But upset they are, because some web twunts are threatening to kill the ladies.
Nationwide aren’t accepting this behaviour, and have gone to the cops because “It’s one thing not to like an advert, another to threaten to kill the stars of it. Abuse is abuse and that’s never OK in our book,” the bank said to OK Magazine.
Indeed: “It is not just our Flo & Joan adverts that generate these comments, it is also our adverts that feature people of different colours, backgrounds and perceived sexuality, which attract the most criticism. That’s why it is important to call out those persistent offenders who put out vile comments on a regular basis and who should really know better.”

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