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Pete Townshend in vitriolic outburst against Apple

The Who guitarist unleashes against iTunes in inaugural John Peel Lecture

Pete Townshend yesterday used his position as the inaugural speaker of Radio 6’s John Peel Lecture to launch a scathing attack on Apple. The Who guitarist and elder statesman of rock n roll described the computing brand as like ‘a digital vampire’, arguing that in times gone, record labels would have offered new bands more than just an avenue to release music, but also the infrastructure and support needed to develop a long term career.

"Is there really any good reason why, just because iTunes exists in the wild west internet land of Facebook and Twitter, it can't provide some aspect of these services to the artists whose work it bleeds like a digital vampire, like a digital Northern Rock, for its enormous commission?"

Townshend went on to rant about every millionaire rock granddads’ favourite bugbear, illegal downloads, telling anyone who dared download one of his tracks for nowt that they "may as well come and steal my son's bike while they're at it."

Apple have denied to comment on Townshend’s statements, which can be heard in full over at iPlayer, but what do you think? Is iTunes ruining music’s future ? Or is Townshend out of touch ?

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