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Photo convinces internet Ed Sheeran is married

Photo convinces internet Ed Sheeran is married

Ed Sheeran is currently on a gap year of sorts, abstaining from social media, travelling about and not doing any music. So his legion of fans have been asking 'what are you up to, Little Gremlin?' And it looks like a photo of the singer has given a fact away.

It seems to show Sheeran wearing a wedding ring, or at least a ring on his wedding finger. And though this may be a simple tool to deter females from this eligible bachelor, who knows? Perhaps he got married to Elvis at the top of the illuminati pyramid.

Check out the photo that has inspired the curiosity below:


My baby girls 5th birthday party was lit! Even both godparents were in attendance finally lol

A photo posted by Jovel (@jovelmusic) on

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