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Photo of the day: inside the UK's smallest record shop

Photo of the day: inside the UK's smallest record shop

Check out the UK's Smallest Record Shop in Peterborough, Marrs Plectrum Records, a new cubby hole for music lovers.

"For many of us, vinyl has never been away but its popularity is certainly on the rise," Said owner Matthew Horton. "So far this year 844,122 vinyl albums have been sold compared to 829,243 for the whole of 2013. It’s an exciting time for record collectors."

"I think that it’s important that we satisfy all tastes. It’s not just about the records that your Mum and Dad played. New and relevant bands are all releasing their music on vinyl again. It’s at the point where the pressing plants can’t keep up with demand. That’s why we’re mixing new releases with the classics and collectables."  

Meet Marrs Plectrum Records, the UK's 'smallest vinyl record shop'

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