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Pineapple on Pizza is explicitly illegal in Cyberpunk

Pineapple on Pizza is explicitly illegal in Cyberpunk
There’s been a lot of commentary on newly released video game Cyberpunk 2077, ranging from the apparent fact they didn’t bother to tweak it to run on last gen machines (i.e. the one most people have), they caused streamers a lot of bother by screwing up their DCMA mode, and lots of proper issues.
We’re not talking about any of those today. No, we’re here with the big news, first spotted by Redditors, that putting pineapple on your pizza is a criminal offence in the game, and a gang member is actually wanted by the law for doing it under the Pizza Desecration Act.
Screenshot by the rising memelords of Twitter, KFC, and we presume the F now stands for fucking:

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